As we mentioned in our last blog, we recently partnered with world renowned chef and restaurateur Tony Singh MBE, and now we want to share the delicious results! We challenged Tony to “unlock the unusual” using his revered culinary skills to create a dish for each of Cù Bòcan’s three whisky expressions.

Tony Singh is one of the UK’s best-loved celebrity chefs, renowned for his lively personality and skill in designing quirky and delicious dishes. Born and raised in Leith, Edinburgh, Tony is fourth-generation Scottish Sikh, and is well known for marrying a unique fusion of Scottish and Asian flavours in his dishes.

Tony created a dish for each whisky, our Signature malt, matured in Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry and North American Virgin Oak casks, and first two creations, Creation #1 matured in Black Isle Brewery Imperial Stout and Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal wine casks and Creation #2 matured in Japanese Shochu and European Virgin Oak casks.

Tony said of the challenge – “I love any opportunity to experiment in the kitchen, but when you add whisky into the mix it becomes a lot of fun! Cù Bòcan isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of convention which meant nothing was off limits when creating these recipes. Cù Bòcan’s light touch of smoke and sweet flavour pairs so well with these dishes, and is a joy to drink. This will be a staple in my household for sure”.

You can view the videos and read the recipes below, Tony has kindly provided the method should you wish to try these dishes at home! #Unlocktheunusual

Carpaccio of North Ronaldsay Mutton, Sweet Smoked Paprika, Spiced Pickled Shallots and Croutons

“The rare are highly prized Mutton from the wind battered Island of North Ronaldsay is both rich and delicate at the same time, its diet of Seaweed lends that touch of ocean spray to its taste, with the sweet paprika dressing tying in all the notes found in Cù Bòcan Signature, the spiced pickled shallots bring it all to life with a sharp note” – Tony Singh

Ayrshire, Ham Hough and Miso Broth, Gingerbread Dumplings with West Coast Langoustine and Black Garlic

“Umami Rich but light on the tongue, this intriguing Broth with Dry Morels, sweetness of the Langoustine and yes Gingerbread as in the cake! made into dumplings works so, so well with the Waxy Body of Cù Bòcan Creation #1 and all the sweetness and spice that it brings” – Tony Singh

Tart of Valrhona Grand Cru de Macae

“As soon as I first tasted this single Plantation Coverture from Brazil that brings freshness and finesse with its magical notes of dried, yellow fruits and bewitching woody, peppery and roasted aromas, I knew I would be serving it at some point with Cù Bòcan Creation #2. The synergies of using the best of traditional production, ingredients, love and care are present in both the Coverture and the Whisky. Macae has a finale delicate bitterness with notes of black tea that set with pure Madagascan Vanilla ice cream, is the perfect juxtaposition with Creation #2” – Tony Singh

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