Now that the mashing, fermentation, and distillation stages of Cù Bòcan production are complete (well, nearly complete, distillation ends this weekend) the next, and final stage, is maturation.

A lack of suitable native oak meant that Scottish distillers have always relied on second hand casks from around the world for maturation. For the most part, maturation profile has been guided by cask availability as opposed to experimentation. Throughout the 19th century the Sherry casks landing on the docks of Leith, Glasgow and Bristol were the distillers choice. With mechanisation and a change in legislation in the USA, Bourbon barrels took over as the most readily available cask.

As one of the few distilleries in Scotland with our own in-house cooperage, we have been sourcing a wide variety of different cask types from around the world for well over 100 years. The variety of casks that Scottish distillers are allowed to use is regulated by the SWA to protect the integrity of Scotch whisky (something we value) but within these parameters there remain plenty of opportunities to experiment and develop new and exciting expressions.

Today, our longstanding mastery of maturation along with our curiosity has driven us not just to explore more unusual cask types to mature Cù Bòcan in, but to create new and unique marriages of cask maturations such as Japanese Shochu and Virgin Oak, Moroccan Cabernet Sauvignon and Rye, and Imperial Stout with Moscatel casks to name but a few. And sometimes the best marriage is between one cask type and the spirit, like our newly released Cù Bòcan 15 Year Old, matured fully in Oloroso Sherry casks.

As our annual winter production comes to an end, the mastery of maturation takes over.

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