We’re delighted to announce that Cù Bòcan Creation #2 has been awarded ‘Double Gold’ at this year’s San Francisco World Spirit Competition. The Double Gold designation is awarded to the very few entries that receive Gold medal ratings by all members of the judging panel. These are among the finest products in the world.

Cù Bòcan Creation #2 is an experiment where the Far East and Europe meet, this innovative creation is rich and lively with hints of smoke and key lime pie. An unusual spirit, and world first, matured in Japanese Shochu and European Virgin Oak casks.

Due to the unconventional nature of oak use in Shochu production these casks are rare and incredibly difficult to source, but in 2012 we were able secure some from our parent company. Half of these were filled with Cù Bòcan from our first year of production, 2005, and the other half were filled with Cù Bòcan from 2006. Cù Bòcan Creation #2 has spent more than half of its maturation in Shochu casks which have brought estery notes of pear drops and fresh lime. The spirit’s earthier tones have been able to shine through with a hint of Cù Bòcan’s signature smoke. You can read more about Japanese Shochu casks here and Virgin Oak casks here.

Cù Bòcan Creation #1 picked up a “SILVER” commendation at this year’s prestigious SFWSC. Matured in Black Isle Brewery Imperial Stout + Bacalhôa Moscatel De Setúbal Wine Casks, Creation #1 is an unusually creative collaboration. This intriguing mix marries the best bits of its wine and beer counterparts; sweet and buttery with hints of orange marmalade and espresso.

Both Cù Bòcan Creation #1 and #2 are limited editions, 46% abv, non-chill filtered and natural colour. These awards follow on from Cù Bòcan Signature’s “DOUBLE GOLD” win in 2020. Cù Bòcan Signature is the only ongoing product in the range.

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