The return of The Antiquary – a modern whisky revival in bold new packaging with three exceptional whiskies

We are delighted to finally announce the return of The Antiquary, as the brand relaunches today (Monday 24th of June) with three new expressions, each with a bold new look and vision.

Following in the footsteps of The Antiquary’s founders, J&W Hardie, who were known for being innovative for their time, the latest releases focus on flavours that appeal to modern drinkers while reflecting the history of the brand and its reputation for offering an unusually high malt content.

The trio of exceptional blends use the finest Highland and Speyside malts with Lowland grains:  

  • The Antiquary 15 Year Old (£45) has been married in Bordeaux red wine claret casks.
  • The Antiquary 21 Year Old (£100) imparts its distinctive flavour from Tawny Port casks sourced from the Symington Family Estates in Portugal.
  • The Antiquary 30 Year Old (£275) has been married for more than three years in sherry casks sourced from Jerez.

Explore your own style…

Each blend will be presented in brand new packaging marrying classic with contemporary, to appeal to audiences seeking style and substance.  The redesigned bottle, similar to antiques of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, accentuates the brand’s vintage style with a modern edge. 

Whisky through a new lens

The new range is a result of extensive research from our Global Brand Ambassador and Blender, Scott Adamson, who used his academic background in history to uncover details of The Antiquary’s heritage and the techniques of its founders before bringing it into the current day.

Scott Adamson, Blender and Global Brand Ambassador for Tomatin, said:

“Although Tomatin is a modest producer in today’s terms, it was once the biggest distillery in the world, and we are very fortunate to have a vast collection of incredibly high-quality whiskies from around Scotland. This provided us with a fantastic arsenal to work with when it came to the creation of these three new releases for this important milestone in The Antiquary’s history.

“J&W Hardie were passionate about working with the finest whiskies and understood the complexity of cask maturation, all with intricate attention to detail. Our work has been inspired by these traits but looking at it through a new lens to appeal to self-expressionists inspired by history. The blends have enjoyed unusually long marriages, using casks that bring plenty of character to this exciting new era for The Antiquary.”

Antiquary core range premium blended Scotch whisky

Tomatin Distillery Marketing Director, Derek Scott added:

“Following in the footsteps of J&W Hardies’ legacy, we continue their passion for curiosity and invention. We know how much the whisky landscape is changing and, with the steady revival of blends, it feels like the ideal time to give The Antiquary brand a new lease of life.

“Scott and the team have developed an exciting premium range to bring to market, which is enhanced by the distinct and bold packaging design that appeals to today’s consumers. This launch is a call to those who enjoy nostalgia and exploring their own style, which we hope inspires them to enjoy The Antiquary.”

The Antiquary

Be one of the first to discover the exquisite flavours of this luxurious new release. 

Available to purchase from select specialist retailers worldwide, from the Tomatin Visitor Centre and from the Tomatin online shop. 

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