Tomatin x Italian Supper Club

At Tomatin, we understand the importance of gatherings,
those shared experiences in which significant moments become cherished memories,
and the times when passionate people come together to enjoy beautiful food and drink,
raising a toast To What Matters.

On Tuesday 5th September, our latest limited-edition release of single malt whiskies, The Italian Collection, was officially launched. To celebrate, we invited a host of whisky enthusiasts, content creators and foodies to the Henrietta Hotel, London, for an evening dedicated to exploring our new Italian Collection.

Partnering with the Italian Supper Club, we presented guests with a tailored menu inspired by the best of Scottish and Italian culture and cuisine. Co-founders of the Italian Supper Club, Silvio Pezzana and Toto Dell’Aringa, brought a wonderful blend of expertise to the table, supported by deep-rooted family ties to the world of wine and a lifelong love for the Italian tradition of leisurely, unhurried meals.

Silvio and Toto sourced the very finest Scottish ingredients and introduced them into Italian-inspired dishes, each perfectly paired with the very same trio of wines featured in our Italian Collection — Marsala, Amarone and Barolo.

“In collaborating with partners, we are very selective. When Tomatin extended an invitation to curate an event for the unveiling of their latest limited edition of Italian inspired whisky, we were immediately drawn to their commitment and dedication to authenticity and accepted.

“Both Silvio and I share an affection for Scotland, its breathtaking landscapes and character. Therefore, it felt only natural to craft a menu seamlessly blending Scottish and Italian influences. We meticulously sourced the finest Scottish ingredients, including girolles, langoustine and venison, which we infused into our Italian-inspired recipes. Our commitment to blend seamlessly with Tomatin led us to uniquely smoke the Italian sausage over wood from Tomatin’s whisky barrels, which give Tomatin whisky its distinct character.”

Toto Dell’Aringa
Co-Founder and Chef, Italian Supper Club

“I had a very personal connection to this project, as both my parents and grandparents were vinters in the northern regions of Italy, the origins of Amarone and Barolo wines.

The three distinct characters of Tomatin’s whisky collection emerge beautiful from their finishes in Italian wine. To elevate the dining experience, we carefully paired our exquisite dishes with the fine wines, featured in the collection. In the case of the Marsala, we sourced the exact same producer Tomatin sourced their barrels from, pouring wine that once occupied the very same casks their whisky’s were finished in, creating a truly special culinary journey.”

Silvio Pezzana,
Co-Founder and Wine Expert, Italian Supper Club

A special thank you to Eva Slusarek for the event photography.

The Italian Collection

The Italian Collection is a celebration of Scotland’s whisky heritage and Italy’s illustrious wine legacy, steeped in over 4,000 years of tradition. Each expression has been gently matured in traditional oak casks for 10 years before being finished in Marsala, Amarone or Barolo wine casks for a further two years. Every cask has imparted its unique characteristics into the whisky, resulting in a trio of expressions that pay homage to Italy’s esteemed wine regions.

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