Tomatin x Orraman Leather

Last month we shared our latest limited-edition release of exceptional single malt whiskies, The Italian Collection. A trio of distinct and delicious single malts, each finished in wine casks from Italy, where la familia is the way of life.

To further mark this occasion, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Orraman Leather — a small, independent business based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Run by a husband and wife team, Chris Ferrie and Mairi Vionot, the notion of family is firmly at the heart of what they do.

Using the finest Italian leather and taking inspiration from his Scottish surroundings, Chris handcrafted a limited series of bespoke leather hipflasks. Like our Italian Collection single malts, each flask embodies the essence of both cultures, inviting you on a sensory journey to the rugged Scottish Highlands, while whisking you away to the sun-soaked hills of Italy.

Orraman Leather was first launched in 2020 by professional Scottish folk musician Chris, whom for years has enjoyed the beauty and technicality of leather crafting. The name ‘Orramanis a Scots word meaning ‘jack of all trades’ and reflects Chris’s identity as a musician, a leather crafter and a devoted custodian of Scottish culture.

“Tomatin was the whisky that made me fall in love with whisky, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Most importantly, Scotland is my home, my heritage and my passion. There are few things that epitomse Scotland more than its whisky and so collaborating with Tomatin is a true honour.”

Chris Ferrie, Orraman Leather

Both Tomatin and Orraman Leather are deeply rooted in Scottish culture and, through our collaboration, we aim to showcase a shared appreciation for the craftsmanship, quality produce and rich heritage that Scotland and Italy has to offer. As always, the partnership is also a nod to the important things in life — To What Matters.

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The Italian Collection is a celebration of Scotland’s whisky heritage and Italy’s illustrious wine legacy, steeped in over 4,000 years of tradition. Each expression has been gently matured in traditional oak casks for 10 years before being finished in Marsala, Amarone or Barolo wine casks for a further two years. Every cask has imparted its unique characteristics into the whisky, resulting in a trio of expressions that pay homage to Italy’s esteemed wine regions.

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