New Cocktail: Cherry Whisky Winter Kiss

A winter’s kiss: hot chocolate with a whisky twist

As winter winds bring the first flurries of snow to the Scottish Highlands this month, we ask cocktail connoisseur Pip Jolley to create a bespoke Tomatin serve, ideal for the colder nights.

The ‘Cherry Whisky Winter Kiss’ is a delicious take on a classic hot chocolate, using some of our award-winning 14 Year Old. Pip’s recipe is elevated by adding festive flavours including cherry and cinnamon which go perfectly with the rich notes of any Tomatin dram.

Why not grab some Tomatin this December and try it for yourself? (Find a how-to video on our social channels)

Pip Jolley’s Cherry Whisky Winter Kiss

25ml of 14 Year Old

10ml of cherry sugar syrup

A hint of cinnamon

Hot chocolate made with your preferred choice of milk

Squirty cream, chocolate sprinkles and edible gold leaf

A glittery cherry

  1. Add the ingredients directly into a glass (or favourite festive mug).
  2. Stir thoroughly.
  3. Top with a good helping of squirty cream, chocolate sprinkles and edible gold leaf.
  4. Garnish with a glittery cherry – serve and enjoy this festive serve!

Meet Pip Jolley!

Pip is a talented mixologist with a talent for innovative and enticing beverages. Working in bars, she developed an understanding of the art of mixology and the intricacies of creating perfectly balanced drinks.

During lockdown, she discovered a new passion creating cocktails. Recognising the power of visual storytelling, Pip began making captivating cocktail videos that quickly gained attention from a wide audience.

Find Pip Jolley on Instagram: @pipjolley

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